The Pilates method

The Pilates method is an exercise programme designed to improve and enhance your psychomotor skills. It’s a customized training technique that assists you to harmoniously develop muscle tone, elasticity, strength and muscle flexibility.
It requires a comprehensive approach involving also deep-seated characteristics of the person. It therefore cannot be considered a traditional gymnastics method as it implies a special synergy of body and mind. The method, originally named Contrology by its creator Joseph Pilates, builds on the complete control of the body and on permanent concentration in order to respond adequately to repetitive strains the person is exposed to.
Pilates exercises always require the correct alignment of the spine and a prudent use of the “powerhouse” ( a series of muscles associated with the trunk and located in the abdomen, lower back, buttocks and inner thighs) resulting in a significant improvement of the postural balance.

Right from the start, during the first lessons you will experience a new perception and awareness of your body. Movements become more fluent and controlled, the sense of well-being increases, you discover previously dormant capabilities, enabling you to overcome motor difficulties with more ease.
Through the regular practice of Pilates your body will gain a thorough flexibility, warranted by a strong spine combined with healthy and strong limbs.

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